Friday, 30 September 2011

Alphabet Soup Initial Research.

This morning I have been gathering some initial research together to help with some inspiration. I have decided to look at some fonts the already explore a condensed theme, so I have something to base some ideas on. Some examples are...

I love closely spaced condensed type so much. But not as much as I love high contrast modern typefaces.

I really like this piece. The elongated appearance looks very effective especially when the letters are stood alongside each other. I also like the subtle texture that has been created, maybe this is something I could include in my designs?

Agency sign by Oscar and Ewan. Made from white doweling rods suspended on nylon thread.

This example has inspired more of an abstract idea, rather than the letter itself being condesed it follows the thought that the pieces that have been used to create it are condensed together to create the form.

This is a photograph I took after using the shower, I think it demonstrates a really interesting concept I could develop. I like the handwritten quality and the water drips also add an unusual quality. I then developed this thought and gathered some condensation imagery...

Condensation in window

After researching this it took me onto the idea of something I learnt at school in science, states of matter. I think I could really develop this idea to demonstrate liquids and gases in a simple, symbolic way...

Sourced from:

Next I looked at one of my definitions, 'to make more concise.' To begin with I was quite confused about how I could portray this, but after reading the definition of concise which basically is about reducing anything unnecessary to portray something in its simplest form I came up with an idea I could use. I first looked at really cursive and elaborate fonts...

I really like the curved, spiral design of this font and I think it is an aspect I could work with.

This letter is extremely decorative, I really like it but I don't think I will take my idea this far.

Here is another example, again I really like the additional elaboration.

For this idea I would like to demonstrate these cursive elements I have shown being removed from the basic letter to hopefully show the letter becoming more concise.

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