Friday, 30 September 2011

Alphabet Soup Type Research.

I have now researched into some possible typefaces that I could base my designs on. I decided I wanted a font that was already condensed so that it would still fit into the theme whatever the rest of the design was. Here are some examples..

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This example is called 'SF Movie Poster,' I like the simplistic style and elongated appearance, but I think that maybe it's not bulky enough to fit some of my heavier design ideas inside.

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I then looked at this font, 'American Purpose Stripe.' I chose it because of it's thicker appearance and I liked the look of them as a set. Although, when I just viewed my chosen letter A I didn't feel it had the narrow look I was going for.

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Next was 'Headline.' I was really considering using this type as it had all the qualities that I was looking for. My only problem was that maybe some of the letters were a bit to heavy and bulky.

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Finally I found 'Alegre Sans NC,' I am really happy with this font. It has all the good points of the previous type but slightly thinner and clearer.

I was considering using a collection of typefaces and having a different one for each design, but now after thinking about it because all my ideas are quite different I would like to use the same initial font to base them all on in order to tie them together.

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