Thursday, 22 September 2011

Crit Feedback.

Today we had a crit with blog group two, I found it really helpful to get an opinion from a different group of people who haven't been involved in the project. We asked them some questions at the end of our talk and here is what they said...

Q. Do you think our project will be useful in a real life situation?
A. Yes.

Q. Where do you think is a suitable place for freshers to pick it up is?
A. Freshers Fair, clubs/bars/pubs

Q. If you made instructions for freshers what format would you put it in?
A. Posters, something to stick on a wall.

Q. Do you think the imagery and style is attractive for freshers?
A. Yes, quite cool. Doesn't take itself to seriously.

Q. Do you think our outlet serves its purpose?
A. Yes, it's funny and memorable.

After asking our questions we wrote five action points on how to progress...

  1. Sort out printing.
  2. Think about more comical text.
  3. Create a presentation.
  4. Finish final piece.
  5. Apply feedback.

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