Sunday, 27 November 2011

How To... Initial Research Task.

Interview with Lauren Chinn: 
  • Take foot off accelerator.
  • Put foot on clutch.
  • Change gear.
  • Swap peddles back.

Interview with Lauren Danks:
  • Put your foot on the clutch.
  • Move it.

Interview with Katie Winter:
  • Keep clutch dipped.

Interview with Lynda Morse:
  • Change fast.
  • Rev, change, rev, change.

Interview with Rob Morse:
  • Once you reach a certain amount of revs before engine starts to scream move up gears quickly before you loose revs. Make sure you have the right amount of revs to avoid jerks.

Interview with Emily James:
  • Make sure clutch control is a good transition, not to fast to slow.

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