Thursday, 3 November 2011

Proverbally Yours Message and Delivery Initial Research.

Here is some initial research for this brief, at this point I'm still quite unsure about what route I'm going to go down...

Album Covers

After looking through these images it is clear that they seem to have a style that is constant throughout. They all focus on the artist through photographic imagery which makes them the main focus of the piece. The photo's are often black and white with one bold colour which I think looks effective and gives a powerful overall appearance. There is also a common theme of graffiti and tattoo's which refers directly to street culture, there is also another example of this in the top image where a city setting has also been included. The typefaces used also have a strong appearance.

Music Promotion Flyers

I think these promotion posters appeal to me a lot more than the previous album covers, especially the final two. I feel they are more gender neutral so will therefore appeal to a wider audience. I also think the use of symbols on the fourth fits in well with the pictograms I have already done. The second examples aesthetic fits in the most with album covers.

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