Friday, 2 December 2011

How To... Packaging Research.

Here are some packaging ideas that I have found. I think they will be very useful in the development of our project...

Here is quite a basic idea of seed packaging and I think the structure will be quite easy to make. I don't really like the design of them though and I don't think the illustration style will be suitable for our audience. The textured paper background is attractive though and is possibly something we could incorporate into our design.

Here is another quite simplistic structure but I think this version has a better style. I like the simplicity of the black and white line drawings with the introduction of colour through the fabric tie.

This example has a very hand rendered illustrative style. I think this would be suitable for maybe the more traditional audience but not for ours of students as I don't think it would appeal.

I am really happy that I found this example, I think it is something that could really work well with our idea. I like how it includes lots of different aspects to create on complete project. I like the idea of having seed packets and an instructive poster that link together to form a pack. We could also look into creating other aspects that could also be included.

I like the alternative structure of this packet it is a more innovative approach. I also think the patterned surface is really attractive and is a design feature we could develop with our own style.

Here is another pack idea, it is a simple structure that will be easy to create and store multiple items inside. I like the bellyband as a piece to contain all the contents together which can also be made into a design feature.

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