Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lecture Seven - High/Low Culture.

Avant Garde
  • Idea of doing art that is innovative or progressive.
  • A group of people that are being innovative.
  • Losing its currency/meaning.
  • Two approaches to avant garde. Art for arts sake and social change progression.
  • Innovation, experimentation, originality, creative genius.
Artists and Art
  • Fauves - all self taught painters, attack on art, order and critics.
  • Whistler, Nocturne in black and gold - beacon of aesthetic beauty, no politics, no engagement with the world, separation between artist and viewer.
Avant Garde in Russia
  • Seen as a major problem as it runs the risk of being elitist.
  • Stalin banned avant garde.
  • Seeks qualities of art but fails for various reasons.

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