Friday, 20 January 2012

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Male Designer - Joseba Elorza

  • Male, Spanish.
  • Specialises in photomontage and mixed media.
  • / +34665730556
  • mira=look rudio=noise
  • Collage effect
  • Mixed media
  • Surreal subject matter
  • enhanced colour
  • incorporation of pattern
  • old style imagery
  • landscape scenes
  • incorporation of type

Female - Lucy Joy

  • Female, English, lives in Bath.
  • Specialises in illustration.
  • Motivated by eye catching objects and surface decoration.
  • / 07716085911
  • Hand rendered style.
  • Interesting use of shape.
  • Linear.
  • Muted pastel colours.
  • Feminine style.
  • Vintage style.
  • Hand written type.
  • Block colour.
  • Use of pattern.
  • Attention to detail.

Company - Mammoth and Company

  • Group of mixed gender, Canada.
  • Covers art, photography, illustration, mixed media, vintage and modern.
  • Mammoth & Co. 546 Taylor Road, Victoria BC, VAC 3YZ /
  • Established in 2010.
  • Covers a variety of topics.
  • Sophisticated style.
  • Strong focus on nature.
  • Lots of mixed media.
  • Lots of monotone
  • Contemporary style
  • Wide variety of art from across the world.
  • Common use of watercolour texture.
  • Surreal imagery.
  • Collage. 

Artist List

New Designers

Male - Scott Allbrecht
I like how these pieces focus strongly on type and pattern which are two aspects which strongly interest me. The vintage look paper used is also aesthetically pleasing to me as I think it adds another level to the work.

Female - Silke Werzinger
I really like the illustrative style of this work with the doodles, scribbles and hand drawn typefaces. The texture incorporated also adds to the piece to give an interesting look.

Company - Neighborhood Studio

I have chosen this company because I really like their use of geometric shapes. I think they also work successfully because of the minimal colour  palette of similar tones that compliment each other. I find the pattern aspect very interesting and I would like to focus on this myself in the future. 

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