Monday, 30 January 2012

Zine Research.

This zine is really simplistic, but I think the line drawings are really effective especially with how the black contrasts so strongly with the white. I also like the handwritten style type, this is something I would like to re-create.

This zine has a really cut out appearance, I think this cut and stick look is effective and also fits with the ideas I have for my own zines.

This publication is very similar to the previous but I feel it is a lot less strong. I don't like the use of type as I feel the choices they've made could be improved. The print quality also appears quite poor which doesn't do the piece any justice.

There are aspects I like and dislike with this. I really like the choice of colour and style of type and illustration, but I think the layouts could improve especially with the photos on the front cover.

I really like this front cover design. I feel that it has a very naive quality with the illustrations that work well together with the photos and type.

Here is a selection of covers for the same zine. This demonstrates how varied I could be with my illustration style yet still have an effective end result.

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