Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lecture Nine - Media Specificity.

  • Medium: material or technical means of artistic expression.
  • Media is the plural form of medium.
  • The dictionary defines media as all the communication devices and channels of communication used to reach mass audiences.
  • Medium specificity is the view that the media associated with a given art form (both its material components and the processes by which they are exploited)  entail specific possibilities for and constraints on representation and expression, and this provides a normative framework for what artists working in that art form ought to attempt. 

  • Tufte argues that PowerPoint’s design inherently makes it more difficult to communicate with an audience.
  • Instead of giving an informative presentation, PowerPoint encourages speakers to create slides with ultra-short, incomplete thoughts listed with bullets. 
What are we?
  • The specificity of him sapiens: A large brain, most of the sense organs located at the top end and facing forwards, long throat, small mouth, flexible tongue and lips, an upright stance that frees the arms from any walking duties and allows the eyes to see further, hands with mobile thumbs and fingers that allow for fine grip and rotation from the wrist.

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