Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ten Significant Pieces of Source Material.

  1. http://scottyfivealive.com/ - This source was found during the speed dating task and was found after  when everyone put up their chosen designers. I think this will be helpful for this brief because it shows how maybe designers are going back to using hand rendered type, rather than digital.
  2. http://j-morse1114-dc.blogspot.com/ - Here is a link to my lecture notes on a 'History of Type'. This will be very useful in gathering important information or starting points of further research.
  3. http://www.doylepartners.com/ - I have chosen this link as a starting point for demonstrating new and innovative ways of producing type that avoid print all together.
  4. http://www.debutart.com/ - This is a website showing letterpress prints, which will be a big focus in my investigation.
  5. http://j-morse1114-dc.blogspot.com/ - This link goes to my manifestos post. I would like to consider this as I go through my work as they are things that are important to me and to ensure that I am sticking with it.
  6. http://j-morse1114-dc.blogspot.com/ - I think these notes on 'The History of Advertising' will also be helpful in considering how printing affected other areas and how it led them to progress.
  7. http://j-morse1114-dc.blogspot.com/ - This post is also relevant on how different typefaces are appropriate in different contexts for visual communication.
  8. http://j-morse1114-dc.blogspot.com/ - This is a link to my modernism lecture notes, where I look at type through this era.
  9. http://j-morse1114-dc.blogspot.com/ - Here is the task I did after our audience work. This will remind me not to stereotype the group I will be designing for and to find out more about them.
  10. http://j-morse1114-dc.blogspot.com/ - The five ultimate questions at the bottom of this post is what I'm focussing on, to help me analyse my own work in order to improve it.

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