Friday, 2 March 2012

Communication Is A Virus Coffee Sleeves.

I really love these sleeves. I think the sayings written on them are really amusing, which would be good to incorporate into our own designs. My only issue with them is that maybe they are too simple in colour and design, I think ours will need colour or pattern incorporated into them to really push the positive vibe.

The illustrations on these are very quirky. I like the hand drawn linear style and I think it would work in the context we are looking into. The whole circumference of the surface has been considered too, which is something we are going to have to think about.

These sleeves have more of an inspirational quote which could be good to look into as an idea of getting the audience to think positively. I think the type here is successful as it is aesthetically attractive and legible. The colour scheme of this works well for the context it's in but I feel ours will need to be more vibrant.

I'm not sure of the design of these products but I do find the text amusing. I would like to look into more quotes like this that we could use for our sleeves as I think it would appeal to the target audience and give them entertainment as well.

I have chosen this image to demonstrate how we could really experiment with shape to give and interesting and memorable design.

Although this sleeve may seem quite extravagant I really like the amount of detail that has been included and the hand crafted appearance. I also feel the colour scheme is very zesty and quite similar to what we will be going for.

I really love this little quirky design and I think it will be interesting for is to experiment with cute caricatures similar to this one. It has a fun quality that I think the audience will immediately relate too.

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