Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Postage Stamps Water Conservation Imagery.

I find the aesthetics of these designs, I like the colour and type and I think the composition works well to convey the message. I think the use of rhyme is also very clever as the message will be more likely to stick in the audiences mind.

I like the simplicity of these designs, especially the repeat pattern, as I think it allows the message to be very strong and not confusing. I also like how the imagery being used is a clever play on words about what's being said.

The statistics of water conservation and general facts are being communicated here. The message is very important and serious which really accentuates the importance of water conservation.

This piece focuses strongly on information and puts it across very clearly. I think the use of icons helps this as well as the limited colour scheme.

There has been a lot of thought put into this image and it isn't as obvious as the other designs. The reflection of the dodo is an interesting way of reflecting what is in store. The style of illustration is also very attractive to me.

There is a strong naive quality in this design which I think would be appealing to children. This would be an interesting to focus at but it could also be beneficial, as children are the adults of the future who could help make a change.

I chose this piece as it steps away from the traditional water colour scheme. Although I think it's interesting I want my stamps to be obvious to the audience as they are on a small scale and I think a blue colour will play a big part in portraying the concept.

Finally I like the unusual composition in this poster and the photographic imagery, which is something I could experiment with.

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