Friday, 20 April 2012

Lecture Fourteen - Socia Media and Communication.

New Media
  • Need to break with a past media model.
  • 'Media that work not through persuasion or impressions but through engagement and  involvement. If we stick with the old [Mass Media] model, we squander all the possibilities of the new media ecosystem.' (Sutherland 2009)
Mass Media Strategy
  • Relevant during the Lever days during the height of the Empire International trade. Imagery of Britannia and royalty suited all domestic and imperial markets.
  • Required speaking to the masses, colour poster and soap for the masses..
  • Global print campaigns, international exhibition prompted large-scale colour printing.
  • High feeling strategy.
  • Old transmission communication model. Transmit ideas to an audience.
New Media Model
  • New cybernetic communication tool. Engage with an audience via computer mediated communication. Such as the internet and mobile phones.
  • Cybernetics is the study of systems, it can be applied to any system such as mechanical, biological and more complex social systems.
  • Shift from mass to My media, more targeted.
  • Audience involvement: voluntarily passing, viewing ads (virals), or creating spoofs or filming events.
  • More personalised.
  • Internet biggest idea since the wheel, enables lots of small ideas to circulate.
  • Digital media convergence opens up opportunities for creatives.
Viral Advertising
  • Unpaid advertising.
  • One distinction between old and new media.
  • Two different types of viewings: Voluntary (video viewings online) and forced (TV or print.)
  • Unpaid peer to peer communication of content originating from an unidentified sponsor using the internet to persuade or influence an audience to pass along the content to others.
  • Examples of viral adverts are: Truth Matters Campaign,The Guardians 'Three Little Pigs', Invisible Children Campaign.
  • Communication buzz, pre-testing propagation. Indicate surveys likelihood to pass on or recommend. Dependant on seeding, scale of placement.
Viewer-generated Content
  • Audiences are actively managing media culture.
  • YouTube ad of the year where the audience judges creativity. Departure from conventional advertising awards as the winner is chosen by the viewers.
The Third Screen
  • Mobile phones will soon become the greatest tool for persuasion, more so than any other medium for advertising. It is the fastest growing market in the creative industries.
  • The Kairos factor: the principle of presenting the desired message at the opportune moment.
  • Mobile advertising will become the fastest growing promotional channel.

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