Thursday, 27 September 2012

Study Task One - What is Graphic Design for Print?

Branding and Identity
The use of pattern is really strong in this branding set. Event hough the shapes are different they still like because of the repeated colour theme. I really like the use of texture as I think it breaks up the block tones.

This brand uses a very consistent look through colour, logo and font choices. The block colour is a major factor and really links everything as one.

This set is based on a topic that I may never have considered for branding before, or if I have not thought it could have such an edgy and contemporary look. The simple appearance is very effective and has a really clean look.

I really like the logo for this brand. I think the type choices are complimentary and are styles that appeal to me. The slight texture on the grey background is also effective. Although I don't think the supporting pieces are quite as successful.

The colour choices here really appeal to me, I like the contrast and I think they look great against the crispness of the white. The chosen typefaces are also attractive.

I find the strong use of type here has a very strong impact within the design, paired with the bold contrasting colours it has a great effect. The simplicity works and still gives an eye catching style.

Another very consistent set with colour and general appearance. I like the one colour scheme and how the logo has been inverted on certain pieces, I find this really interesting and effective.

Packaging and Promotion

This is a type of packaging that I have never really considered before, which I think shows the breadth this subject cover. I think the basic colour scheme is really complimentary and the style is very appealing to the audience.

These designs really appeal to me, it has a really handcrafted look and I love the bright, crisp colours on the textured stock. The illustration is also quite memorable and I like how it helps to tie the pieces together as a set. The choice of type is very good as although they are different they compliment each other and the rest of the design.

I love the type based theme of this packaging set and the letterpress appearance is really effective. The repetition of style bonds each piece together very clearly even when alternative patterns are introduced. The green/blue and brown colour scheme is something I really like.

The retro style of this pencil box is really attractive. I think the contrasting colour choice works well and  makes the design 'pop'. I also find the narrow and elongated type choices to look great visually.

There is a very strong colour theme within this which I think works for the brand, but I also believe an additional colour would help the design to be more engaging. However the set is very successful and I really like the use of brown paper.

I love the simplicity of these bottle labels. The black and white, monochromatic look really adds to this. I think the simple illustrations are great and act as an icon for each flavour. The type is a further aspect that is successful, it again is simple but with the slight variation it brings the composition to life.

The delicate look is what drew me to these wrapping designs. I like the contrast between the brown paper and the crisp white and I love how the back paper shoes the the cutouts of the other. The intricacy is very impressive and I think how it is tied in such fine thread works well. The text is also attractive.

Publishing and Editorial
I like how the colour scheme of this designs links so well with the images used as it really helps to create a consistent piece.

This is clearly a very information and factual based publication and I like how the statistics and data have been handled in an easy to understand way. The infographics are very easy to make sense of and in keeping with each other.

I like how this design collaborates type and image on the separate spreads but as a whole piece I think it seems slightly disjointed because of all the variations in font style.

I love the innovative cover design of this publication and it has made me consider how creative you can be. The colour theme throughout the pages also gives an appealing look, especially paired with the retro type.

I find looking at this publication interesting because even though I can't understand what is being communicated I can still appreciate the design. I really love the colours and clear experimentation through the pages which give an engaging end result.

Information and Wayfinding

 My favourite part of this series are the maps as I think they have a very contemporary feel, which automatically makes the brand seem more modern and current.

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