Thursday, 6 December 2012

ISTD Travel Design Research.

David Popov

"This is an ongoing self initiated project reflecting one of my great loves. I have been fortunate to travel to many different countries and these posters are a visual expression of the experiences I have had along the way."

I like how this set takes an alternative look at representing countries. Rather than using photographs or illustrative landscapes, iconic aspects from each area have been taken and developed into a patterned interpretation. I also like how the design has been confined by a circle and surrounded by a contrast of white space.

Ken Lo

"Catalog design for a Hong Kong classic men's wear brand. The catalog was designed as a travel visual diary which strengthen their brand's new direction - Urban Traveler."

This overall project isn't the route I'd like to go down with my publication, but there is aspects of it that I like. For example the combination of photography and illustrations and the incorporation of travel related items, like tickets.

Mafalda de Lancastre David

I really like the photography used within this publication and how the layout is consistent throughout. The orange colour theme is also great! The supporting website also works well and gave me a good insight as this is something that I will have to consider. The set that has also been made works very well together.

Fabio Furlanis

"Final project for Iuav BA degree. A guidebooks series meant to be sold as a newspaper insert, designed to combine a refined visual impact, a good functionality and a low manufacturing cost."

I feel that this is a really successful set of publications. I love the simplistic style of composition, image and colour, all the aspects work very well together. Again I feel the use of photography is very strong and I think it is definitely something I will try and use myself.

Jonathan Finch

"A brief to highlight remote islands around the world delivered through a promotional package and catalogue. 'A Drop In The Ocean' profiles five different locations in its first edition and aims to inform and inspire the reader about these unique environments. Facts, figures, photographs and a brief history of each island/island group can be seen in the hand-bound catalogue. Corporate stationery to address the customer has also been designed along with individual itinerary booklets and a set of limited edition prints featuring maps of the islands, which are all wrapped into a deluxe package."

With this project I like the the booklets and how the covers are made out of a large photograph. The inside of the main publication is also very simplistic which helps the clarity of the information inside. I like this, but I will have to consider if it is suitable for my audience.

Kasia Ilczyszyn

"Hyggeligt is a personal recollection for my friends and I, who I travelled with to København, Denmark. It is about our time overseas together and all about living in the beautiful city. Hyggeligt, a word that wonderfully encompasses my time spent in København, is a word you can use to describe a moment, experience or situation that brings you cosiness and warmth."

I like the documentary style of this publication and some aspects of what's inside. Although I don't think it works cohesively through the pages.

Eva Markova

"Backpackers concept magazine"

This publication is very tailored to a specific audience of young travellers and I think the design suits them very well. I think I am going to reconsider my audience and narrow it down slightly.

Elena Kaimanova

"Travel Guide for Beluga Vodka"

I like the layout of this publication and I think I will look into paper folded books as an option for my work. The folds create natural separations and I like how the illustration carries across the whole composition.

Ann Klakow

"Find out what Sweden has to offer when you travel by tent. This camping guide is for young people, who want to experience nature and wildlife, as well as the coolest clubs and shops in Stockholm and other cities."

I really like how the fluorescent colour has been incorporated into this design.

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