Thursday, 13 December 2012

Goji Tropical Design Research.

The Sherwin Williams Company

With this design I really like the blue and off white colour scheme, as I think it is a classy take on the tropical theme. It works successfully because even using these colours the illustrations still remain clear and so does the theme. I think I would like to include some foliage like this into my designs.


I like the linear style of this pattern and how contrasting colours have been used to overlay the different aspects to create an interesting effect. I think the repeat style has a great aesthetic look.


I think the colours chosen for these designs are really successful and appeal to me a lot. I also like how the lines that are used to depict the form of the objects are in complimentary shades, rather than a black which could be to over powering. I like the detail that has been incorporated into the shapes as it creates a very visually exciting end result.

Bonnie Christine

I love the style of these designs, especially the top example. I like the varying thickness of line and how it helps to create the form and pattern. The pastel shades of tropical colour also really appeal to me and I think I would like to work with these tones in my own work.

Chenille Bliss

The contrast between the pink and green is what drew me to this design and I think there is great light and shade definition.

Gold Me

I think pineapples would be a really interesting subject matter to consider as I think their shape and texture is really interesting. The choice of colour is also really unusual as the green and yellow are very vibrant and the blue a pastel.

Designer Wall Coverings

This set is very bold and simplistic. I think they are strong and stand out a lot, but I doubt it will be the route I go down for my own designs as I like the idea of having multiple colours.

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