Sunday, 20 January 2013

Batiste Initial Research.

To help myself become more familiar with the batiste brand I have started some research into the current products and design style as I would like my own work to fit seamlessly into their own collection.

The Collection

Here is a variety of the current batiste product range. From this it is clear to see that all the designs use a variety of bright colours that link with the scent they're representing. A pattern design is also applied to every single variety.

New Fragrances

I have also looked at some of their newer fragrances and how the advertise them. I like the designs of each of the bottles and feel the represent their scent very well. Although, I feel the banner designs themselves are slightly over crowded, there are lots of pieces of written information all in contrasting typefaces and the continuation of the patterns detracts from the bottle itself.

Specialist Bottles

Here is a simler variation that has been designed, it gives the bottle a very classic look which is very dissimilar to their current style. Although I do like the very much limited colour palette and matte mirror effect. 

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