Sunday, 20 January 2013

Batiste Interview.

J: Hello Batiste! As you know, I’m a huge fan of Batiste for everyday living and have incorporated it in to an everyday beauty regime because of its ease of use and instant results. For me, the ultimate time to make use of it though is at festivals and I think your product is the crème de la crème of dry shampoos available on the market. First question! Why do you think your product is an essential for the festival season?

Batiste is an essential for the festival season as it is a quick and easy way to refresh ‘tent hair’ without needing access to water or a shower! It is convenient to carry around in a handbag and even comes in a miniature 50ml can (£1.55) which is even more suited to fitting into a smaller bag or pocket!  

J: The mini cans are so cute, too. Which fragrance or style would you pick as the ultimate festival fragrance? Is it all about the scent, or the glitter?

We think it is all about the scent – our favourites for summer 2012 are Batiste Cherry & Batiste Wild. The fruity Cherry fragrance will keep your hair smelling lush, or for those who prefer to live on the wilder side, try the Wild with a more daring oriental aroma. That’s not to say we wouldn’t pack our Batiste Shimmer for later when the party gets started.

J: I love the Cherry fragrance, definitely my new favourite. It will no doubt be in my rucksack some summer! Here at Phestival, we just spotted a picture of your Batiste Boho van that you took to V festival – have you any tips (beauty or not!) for any festival-goers?

Wellies are a MUST! Don’t get caught out – there’s nothing worst that having soggy trainers all weekend. Plus a rain mac is always pretty handy too to protect those lush locks from the rain; we’re realistic after all this is the UK! Always carry a little mirror compact so you can refresh your hair with Batiste whilst on the move. Finally, arrange a meeting point with your friends so when on day 2 or 3 when batteries on phones evidently start to run out, you won’t be left Billy no-mates!

J: Waterproofs are definitely befitting of British weather! Have you any plans to take a Batiste salon to any festivals this year?

We won’t be taking a Batiste salon to the festivals, however we are hoping to have a presence at some of the major festivals but we can’t say too much at the moment as it’s still a bit hush hush.

J: Sneaky! Can’t wait to find out more. We’re all about promoting the festival experience and providing festival-goers with as many tips and tricks as possible to make sure they have the best time – have you any festival memories that you hold dearly?

When we did V festival a few years ago, we may have swapped a few Batiste cans for cold beers at a certain ‘warm can for cold beer can exchange’ tent. Naming no names!

J: Hilarious, that is definitely cheeky but I suppose if they don’t specify the type of can, then anything is fair game! Hypothetical situation: If Phestival and Batiste were to combine to create a new Batiste product, what would it be like? For me, I’d opt for a summery floral fragrance with a slight shimmer perhaps – for a witty name I’d call it Phreshtival, what do you reckon?

OMG we love the name Phreshtival! Think we’d definitely go with that name! Like the sound of the floral with a special festival shimmer. Or perhaps some more earthy fragrances, to stay true to the festival idea?

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