Sunday, 20 January 2013

Batiste Trend Research.

One aspect that Batiste stated to be important was the need for the new bottles to be on trend with current fashions. So I have researched online to see what styles are booming at the moment.


Stylised Blooms

I really like the delicate look of this style personally but I feel on a bottle it could cause the product to get lost within the competition.

Optical Geometrics

This style has a lot more impact and I like the bright, vibrant colours.

Check Floral Mix

The combination of these two prints is really interesting and seems pretty unique.

Graphics Illustrated

This is another interesting look, but I wonder if it is to detailed to fit with Batistes current style.

Single Blooms

The bold florals would look great on a can, but batiste already have a floral scent so therefore a repeat wouldn't be very original.

Snakeskin Mix

This is a very quirky pattern style but I am struggling to think of scents that it could represent.


The New Florals

"I'm seeing more and more florals inspired by historic botanical books, especially in cotton prints and wallpapers. It's like chintz in a new way. This isn't Grandma's floral wallpaper: Think large-scale patterns, vibrant blooms and big, bold hues."

Bring on the Prep

"This summer's bright, modern twists on classic preppy patterns are still hot. Bring the trend into the cooler months by using a lattice print alongside some of the season's hottest shades: black, white, inky indigo and gold."

Greek Key

"Greek key prints feature a continuous line that folds back onto itself, creating a repeating geometric shape. This eye-popping pattern can be found on Egyptian tombs, as well as archaic Peruvian weavings, but the trendy motif will look equally good in small or large doses in your home. Try a more subtle version for big spaces like walls or headboards, or try a bolder one for pillows or wall art."


"Originally used for woven wool cloth in the Scottish lowlands, this menswear classic is making its way into home furnishings. Black-and-white houndstooth is traditional, but try a version that pairs a bright hue with white to really make this bold pattern pop in your home."

Chevron Prints

"This simple pattern can be traced to rock carvings and pottery from as far back as 1800 B.C., but the bold geometric pattern is equally en vogue today. Refresh a pair of chairs with the inverted V-shaped motif, or use a bold chevron pillow alongside a softer floral or ikat throw."

Trend Council

"With a distinctive late-sixties / early seventies vibe we uncover a palette of pumped up sorbet mid-tones that form a beautiful bouquet and are at the same time stong key item fashion colors on their own. From acid green to wisteria, have a look at the must have color for the S/S 2014 women's ready-to-wear market."

I feel that these colours are on trend and also fit well with batistes current palette.

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