Monday, 14 January 2013

ISTD Travel Pack Research.

Mellisa Tafoya

I really like the design of this luggage label! I think the brown stock it is printed on works well with the travel aesthetic and I think the brown string works successfully as well. I like how all the pieces have been secured within a pack and I think I will do something similar with mine.


This example has a very clean cut appearance with the block colour and contrasting white. I like how the tag has been folded in half to keep the information that is written on it slightly more private. The other items that have been created are also things that I could consider including in my pack.

Ashley Lueci

This is a slightly different theme to what I was initially thinking of but I think it could still work well and even if I use slightly different content I think how it has been constructed is successful. I like how the booklet format has been designed in a suitcase style as it is an immediate link with the topic that the audience will relate to.

J. Burr

Again this isn't what i was initially considering but I liked techniques that have been used to make it. I think the folding aspect is interesting and also the tracing paper stock.

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