Thursday, 17 January 2013

ISTD Type Research.

Because I was struggling with the placement of type and image for my postcards I have decided to research into it.

Rosco Flevo

I really like the bright colours used in these examples. I also like how shape has been used to alter the colour of the image underneath.

Josef Heigl

This is a more subtle effect and I like how the opacity has been used and how the colour of the type has been altered when it overlaps the image. The varying options of stock also add some variety to the set.

Joana Pestana

The colours used here are very vibrant and have a huge contrast to the white. With the example on the left I like how the letterforms have been placed separately on a grid format that gives an organised appearance. With the poster on the right I like how it seems the letters have been dragged downwards leaving a path behind it, I think this is an interesting effect.

Matt Market

I like how the type here covers the whole composition and I really like how the red overlaps the image as I think it really enhances it.


I really like the duotone effect that has been used on this photograph and I think using complimentary colours as it has here is very eye-catching.

Matchbox Studio

I really like this screen printed look and how the image is visible underneath the type. Even though the colour has been changed the image still remains clear.

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