Friday, 1 February 2013

Batiste Packaging Research.

I decided to look into a varied array of beauty and cosmetic packaging, away from just dry shampoo to get a varied amount of research.

Todd Anderson

Woolworths Mothers Day

I like the consistent use of pattern within this set and I think it works well in multiple colour variations. There has also been illustrative aspects introduced that I think helps to break up the individual products. I like how even though all are different the use of colour keeps the theme consistent throughout.

Garden Party Fresh Flowers

This set carries similar principles but the pattern and colours used are a lot more subtle and helps to give a very relaxing vibe. I feel that this is probably for an older target audience than who I will be aiming for as the illustration style seems very traditional.

Woolworths Twilight Charm

This set is very decorative. The gilded illustrations combined with the foiling creates a very intense look.

Garden Flowers Gifting

Again, bright tropical colours have been used, I think tones like this would look great within a display.

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