Monday, 25 February 2013

Batiste Point of Sale Research.

I have decided to look into some possible point of sale options to help give me some inspiration.


This example fits very strongly with the brand and I like how the logo has been incorporated into the composition. Although this is very large scale I can see how it could be minimised and be applied to my product.

Apple iPod

I think this design has a very clean and professional appearance. The contrast between the crisp white and bright colour is very effective and helps the product stand out. I also like how the items have been arranged within the composition and how they appear to be floating.


The shape of this display is very simplistic but it works successfully with the product. I like how a photograph has been displayed of the product this is especially good as it is a food product. The contrast between black and white is effective as it another way to distinguish between the products.


Coskucan Gurun

The shape of this display is very interesting even though I don't think it would link with the product I am working with. What I have leant from this example is that you have to consider multiple dimensions of the form, like how one side of this shelf has the brand name and the other a corresponding pattern.

London Collection

Stickman Designs

The use of colour has been very important in the production of this stand and the main white theme helps the overall look. There are a lot of products on display which looks quite busy, especially with the bold pattern. Although the use of boxes has helped to organise it.


Annette Nugent

Finally is this display form which I think will work with the shape of bottles I am using. I like the hard plastic surface and how it has manipulated to include a foreground and background. I think my product will also fit very neatly into the structure and will be easy to replace and keep looking tidy.

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