Sunday, 24 February 2013

Parfumeur Packaging Structure Research.

I have decided to look into packaging options for our perfume. We felt that creating a sturdy wooden box rather than a flimsy cardboard structure would be appealing for the audience and would also give off the luxury and hand crafted feel. By using wood it would also appeal more to men and help the scents become more unisex. Also by creating this structure it encourages the audience to keep the box for storage even after the perfume has been finished.

One Percent Packaging

Ryan Romanes

This box has a really interesting concept and how it fits together is really clever. I really like to contrast between the wooden and cardboard textures with the bright orange. The structure is very interesting and how it has been crafted looks very professional. The processes that have been used are subtle but enhance the design well. I really like the laser cut and I think it is something that could work well with our own designs.


Gerlinde Gruber

This structure is really interesting as how it fits together is really quirky. It is currently being used as a ring box but I think the form could still lend itself to hold perfume. I think the wood used here is very aesthetically pleasing and also has an expensive look of quality. It is held together by a belly band that in our case could be decorated to help get across the emotion theme.

Wooden box

This box is very similar to what I first imagined in my head. I like the simple design and how it fits together to form a perfect cube. I like how the lid fits in line with the base so it creates a smooth surface and doesn't overlap. If we were to create a box like this I think we would have the lid lower down so the base wasn't as deep. This means we could lie our bottle down inside.

Slide box

This is a different approach with a sliding lid. I like the raw texture of the wood but I think the overall look doesn't fit with our theme. The sliding lid reminds me of something thats more for craft storage or food and drink, not a luxury perfume product.

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