Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What is Good? Primary Photographs.

Here are some primary imagery from when I went to Bali. I think they really depict the beautiful architecture, striking landscapes and the traditional cultural values of the island.

Balinese Temples

I really like the shapes used within Balinese architecture as they are so decorative and totally different to what you see at home. I like how the stone seems so weathered and has a great textural appearance. The contrast of colour also adds to the scene, from the orange and grey of the temples to the lush green of the foliage and also the reflections in the water. The use of gold on the decorative statues is very eye-catching.

Balinese Dancing

I like the use of costume within Balinese dancing and how bright and colourful they are, the bright tones mixed with gold is very effective and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are also very highly adorned and the detail is very apparent. The dancing style is very traditional and would have been passed down the generations. The masks used really interesting and I like how exaggerated they are.

Balinese Homes

I was lucky enough to visit some Balinese houses and they are very different to my own. They are made up of a lot of separate buildings and there are a lot of outdoor areas. Again they are very decorative which show the pride that they have in them.

Rice Terraces

Balinese rice terraces are breath taking as they take up such a large are and you can usually see them as far as the eye can see and the expanse of green goes on for miles. I also like he curve of the terraces and how it follows the natural shape of the land.


Balinese Wildlife

Balinese Crafts

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