Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chocolate Brief Japanese Style Research.

For this brief it was suggested that the client thought the asian/japanese style of design would be suitable so I have done some research into this area.

Japanese Kitch

The main aspects that stand out to me with these designs is the use of bold colour and a thick stroke weight. The use of contrasting colours is common across all three pieces. There is also contrast between geometric shapes and delicate, floral and linear illustrations.

Japanese Earthquake Relief Postcards

I like how these images use colour in varying tones. The use of block colour and halftone is also very interesting. The image content also links strongly with Japan in a more out of the box way.

Japanese Stationary Style

I really like the pastel shade used here. The patterns used are also very simplistic which I think helps give impact, they also compliment the illustrations well. The contrast between the pattern designs and block colour is very strong. I also like the varied geometric shapes and illustrated designs.

Japanese Card Game

These bold contrasting colours work very well together and really help show the cards as a set. I also like the overlaid colour and screen printed effect. I think this is a simple concept that could create a lot of impact when viewed in bulk.

Japanese Doll

Elaine May

The format of this piece is very impressive and creative with how all the aspects fold together to create the object and composition. I also like the varied pattern designs and how they all work together to create an atmosphere of the piece. My favourite pattern is the circular one as I like how it works so strongly with different colour themes.

Sushi Packaging

Giannis Ampelas

The monotone colour scheme looks very effective as I feel it gives a lot of impact. The splash of red also makes the design pop as well as the contrast of pattern and block colour.


I really like the fun aspect of these characterised packages and I like how using the same format can create so many variations. Pattern design has also been incorporated very cleverly by the use of outfits.

Sushi Packs

Finally this is another take on pattern design, this time focussing on a linear theme. Although this is a japanese object I don't feel the design is stereotypically that culture.

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