Sunday, 14 April 2013

D.C Publication Beauty Spread Designs.

I have now started to focus on the beauty section of my magazine. Rather than using existing imagery I decided to create my own using photoshop brushes. This allowed me to create a look that I wanted and it also played to an idea that I had. By having the makeup on second layer means that it can be removed from the original image. I started by using a face that was free from makeup and then stage by stage added the new elements. As you can see from the images below there is quite a transformation. I then applied the before and after images into the publication composition as the plan is to print the make up layer on acetate so the before and after looks can be visible.

I then had to pick a name for the make up trend, I needed some that linked with the look and also because of the acetate I thought it would b interesting if a hidden message could be incorporated. Here are a few options that I came up with:

  • purple hue
  • violet new
  • be on trend
  • trend must
  • fresh look
  • violet gaze
  • violet youth

  • be on trend: violet youth

'Violet youth' was the option that I felt worked best so I look into incorporating the text into the composition I like how the text overlaps the image the best and the incorporation of serif and sans serif works well. I think this layout also works well on both the make and no make up options as shown below.

Next I added the body copy to the composition and to get a better idea of how it will look I mocked up the acetate layer and how it would appear once that page was turned. I think this gives a good impression of the final outcome, hopefully it will come across as well once printed.

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