Sunday, 14 April 2013

D.C Publication Trend Spread Designs.

I have now decided to look into possible design styles for other spreads within the magazine. A common occurrence within this style of publication is to have a article that features new trends being worn by celebrities and this is what I have decide to target. I started by gathering imagery and experimenting with its placement within the composition. I felt that the large image really made a statement on the page and the rotated and dissected versions give an interesting alternative.

Next I moved onto incorporating another related image. Even though I felt that the image on the side gave an unusual look once I saw it with another photo it came to show that there would not be much room left for type and I didn't want to the page to be to crowded. This is why I felt that straight variation is more successful as there is a lot more white space, that will make the content easier to digest for the viewer. 

When adding type I continued with the theme from the beauty spread of using both the serif and sans serif typefaces. I selected the most simple option as the best as I felt it complimented the layout the most and also when I started to experiment with body copy there were a lot of options for placement. I think all these layouts that I tried would have worked and I liked how on one the type overlapped the image, this is something I could experiment with further. Although the long column was chose as I like how it reflects the length of the image and it is easy for the audience to read.

For the supporting spread I started by experimenting with imagery that highlighted the other cover stars in certain trends. However I soon moved on from this idea as I don't think it has the same classic look as the other pages. I also think that the use of pink boxes could be seen as tacky, which doesn't reflect the more high end fashion magazine I am trying to replicate.

I then took another approach and selected photographs that fit better as a group, I feel that this has already made a difference to the look of the spread. To add some more context to this particular spread I have chosen a quote that I think helps to describe the effects of this type of article. It discusses how previously women were controlled by a more visible means like family or religion, whereas in this day and age women can be controlled in a more mental way by images in the media that portray women in a particular way and they believe this is how they should act. To back up this idea I have also incorporated how woman have been controlled through fashion and visual ideas in the past, for example corsets. I think that lowering the opacity of these images shows how that these are issues from previous decades.


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