Monday, 22 April 2013

What is Good? Catalogue Research.

Riflessi Catalogue

I think the contemporary feel of this design helps to make it really successful. I really like how the geometric shapes have been incorporated into the composition, either linearly or filled with the photographic imagery. I think another successful aspect that works well to highlight the products is the limited use of use of bright colour that stands out against the other monochrome objects.

AR Kitchen Ideas.

This design has a lot busier appearance as there is less white space. I think the cover design is successful as I like how the triangles and photographic sections work within the space. Although I'm not sure how well the bright colours work with the images chosen and I feel more a fixed colour scheme could have been more successful.

Hellenic 360

The style throughout this publication seems to be quite mixed and I don't think it works in it's favour. Although there are separate aspects that I think work really well, for example sample diagrams that show different options for the products being displayed. I could use this technique for showing different colour options. Some interesting layout compositions have also been explored.


This catalogue has a very modernist approach, with the minimal colour scheme, sans serif typeface and clear layouts. The cover design is very interesting but I think its success would rest on whether the audience was familiar with the brand. I also like how one image has been allowed a whole double page spread, which gives it all the audiences attention and highlights its importance.


This publication has taken quite a minimalistic approach, this could be because of the type of brand that it is, as it deals with electronics. How the products have been displayed is very clinical and doesn't have the creative edge that I will be looking for in my own publication.


This publication retains a homely feel whilst still having clear and concise layouts. I think this is a look I would like to continue into my own work. I like how type and image have been separated to different sides of the spread and the use of opaque text boxes to add captions. The images used are high quality and I like how they have been cropped to give an interesting view point for the reader.

Boardman White

These images aren't directly a catalogue, but photographs and putting my products in context is something that I will have to consider.  I like how this idea has been taken as it really highlights the products that are being displayed, the only concern I have is that it might be to clinical for the style my designs will be.

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