Sunday, 28 April 2013

What is Good? Further Catalogue Research.

I have gone round some shops and gathered together some catalogues to have a look at what content is used and how certain aspects are displayed within them.


This is the first catalogue that I looked at, it is a4 scale and features a lot of content. It has a very scrapbook looking style that I am personally not keen on as I think the pages look cluttered and messy. I also feel that it won't link with the contemporary brand that I am creating. There is very little white space which makes it hard to view and pick out certain items, there are also lots of photos overlapping at different angles that I find distracting. There is also a great deal of text that often overlaps the pictures which doesn't help with the busy composition. The products never really appear on their own but mostly placed with an environment set up, I think this could help the audience imagine the items in their own home and help with placing certain pieces together. I don't like how quirky shapes have been used to hold the price as I think it gives a tacky look and not one of quality. Colour plays a big part with where certain products have been placed within the publication which helps to give some sense of flow as you turn the pages.


This catalogue was a lot easier to read through and pin point certain items, mostly because there is noticeable less. On most of the pages it has been limited to one photograph that allows you to see more clearly the items involved. One aspect I like is how the publication has been split into sections with a title page for each that sets the scene for the products to come. The products have still been arranged within a room but the shots are a lot less close up which allows for greater space around the outside. Which is why with this catalogue having writing over the top isn't such an issue as it isn't so cramped up. I like how different fabric colours have been displayed at the end of the book and also how swatches have been included, this is definitely something I would like to consider doing with my own work.

House Beautiful

This style of publication reminds me more of a fashion magazine. I think the use of white is very refreshing and brings out the colours of the products. I like how the items have been displayed separately as I think the are easier to view and see the detail. Again colour has been used to organise the pages, giving each spread a unique look.


Finally is this Tesco magazine with a homeware section. The type has been constrained to columns and rows within the composition keeping it separate from the images. It also follows the tradition of displaying the products within a room. Quite neutral furniture has been used so that the products have more focus.

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