Saturday, 20 April 2013

What is Good? Dinnerware Research.

Linea Blossom Dinnerware

"Linea Blossom fine bone china dinner range. The delicate and pretty design is a stunning stand alone range or could be used to accent your plain white china."

I like how the design of this set spreads across the whole surface of the plates and mugs etc, whilst still retaining a lot of white space. This helps to give the look and fresh and clean feel, along with the pastel pink tones.

Denby Halo Dinnerware

" Halo is made in England using locally sourced clay. Each piece of Halo is handcrafted using pottery skills passed down through generations. We hand apply two glazes which merge to create an effect, unique only to Denby."

I really like the texture that has been incorporated into these designs and I think it is effective how it contrasts with the smooth gloss glaze. The contrast between the two colours also helps to highlight the textured appearance.

Pied a Terre Peacock Dinnerware

"Pied a Terre Peacock dinner range. This stunning porcelain range with bright peacock colours is decorated with high gloss real gold detailing. It is the perfect dining feature for special occasions. Due to its delicate nature, this range is handwash only. Unique Peacock glass and etched cutlery also available."

I feel the the bold use of colour and pattern here works really well and also how the block us of the colour contrasts greatly with the large white space areas. I think the use of metallic gold is also very successful as it highlights the design. It also links with the Balinese design style.

Pied a Terre Persian Jewels Dinnerware

"Pied a Terre Persia Jewels range. This colourful range combines vibrant purple, jade, pink and black with gold detailing to create truly stunning pieces."

I like the use of circles in this composition and how it links with the shapes of the items. Metallic aspects have also been included that look effective and give the products a quality finish. I think the rich colour scheme also enhances the design style.

Linea Watercolour Floral Dinnerware

"Linea watercolour fine bone china dinnerware range. This vibrant and pretty design is a stunning stand alone range or could be used to accent your plain white china."

 Here is another floral design, although I feel this looks a lot more powerful than the first. I think this is mainly because of the bolder colour and shapes. I think a design like this could be used to enhance other aspects of a set.

Linea Brights Dinnerware Teal

"Brights dinnerware teal. Brighten up your dinner table with this stoneware dinner set with solid colour insert."

Even though this strong use of colour is very eye catching and holds a lot of impact, I feel it is too simplistic for the look I am trying to represent. Although it could be used as an item that is used to emphasise the design on more stand out products in the collection.

Linea Zen Blue Serveware

"Zen blue serveware. This contemporary dinner range made from stoneware has an authentic Chinese crackle glaze finish to bring a taste of the Far East to your table. This range is ideal for inspiring Chinese and Thai cooking."

I like the use of alternative serving shapes as I think this will help to exaggerate the culture of where the design stye has come from. I think if I could combine this with a linking design style it could work very well.

Denby Cosmic Dinnerware

"Monsoon by Denby Cosmic dinnerware from Monsoon by Denby. This range is a stunning bohemian interpretation of a paisley print in purple, pink, blue, green and teal with soft metallic highlights on fine, soft cream china."

This paisley design is very intense as it covers such a large area of the products, the colours also contrast together which I think exaggerates the shapes even further. I feel like if I were to use this approach I would only use it on a small selection of the items.

Elle Soft Garden Dinnerware

"Soft garden dinnerware. Designed exclusively by Elle, a gorgeous range of bone china dinnerware with a soft garden poppy motif."

With this design I like how there is a contrast between the block pastel colour and the linear illustration. Because the designs are in monotone I think makes this style even more effective. I also think it is interesting how the colour has been placed on the inside of the plates, as it usually the other way around. This gives the design a unique quality.

Wedgwood Renaissance Gold Dinnerware

"This stunning and ornate dinnerware pattern was inspired by decorative motifs used by Scottish neoclassical architect and designer Robert Adam, showcased on the pure oval forms of the Wedgwood archive cameo."

With this selection I think it is interesting that even with the differing patterns the products still appear as a collection. I think this is something to consider within my own work to help create variety between the items.

Burleigh Calico Blue Tableware

"Burleigh's ever-popular calico collection has been produced continuously in their Stoke-on-Trent factory for over 40 years. Although unique, this famous pattern was derived from early Victorian designs which in turn had roots in Chinese porcelain; the deep cobalt blue print representing fallen prunus blossom onto cracked ice. Underglaze transfer printing is our speciality at Burleigh. This labour intensive decorating method has been in use for over 200 years. We are now the last English pottery company that still continues this traditional and highly skilled hand decorating process."

These products are very pattern heavy, in my opinion I think it is to over the top. The purpose of these items is to eat off or drink out of them so having such a busy surface area would be distracting and off putting.

Jasper Conran for Wedgwood Mosaic Dinnerware

"Mosaic's striking graphic patterns are set against the perfectly balanced proportions of the Jasper Conran White silhouette; offering a relaxed, modern approach to dining. Jasper Conran's fine bone china collection for Wedgwood exhibits his unique talent for creating clean, simple, modern classics. It is the culinary equivalent of the little black dress or the ubiquitous white shirt. Jasper Conran's artistic vision does not waiver; form and function come first, the decorative flourishes later."

The use of these simples shapes is very effective and I like the monotone look. I also like how some of the items have a lot of the pattern whereas others have just a thin strip, this helps to add interest and alter the composition.

Littala Korento Blue Tableware

"The designer of Iittala's famous Taika collection, Klaus Haapaniemi is back once more to enchant with his intricate vision of Finland's natural beauty. Light dragonflies appear to spin around lush flora in this glorous pattern, creating the illusion of a magical forest that is so strong, you'll almost be able to smell the flowers."

This design is made up of illustration drawn in a very traditional style, that would appeal to a very different audience from an abstract pattern design. This has informed me to consider my audience very carefully.

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