Sunday, 28 April 2013

What is Good? Shop Environment Research.

I have recently visited some shops in Leeds that have homewear sections so that I can gain a better understanding of how the products are displayed within a shop environment. All three have similar aspects but I think with how they displays have been set out and arranged you can tell which ones are more of a higher quality.


The first shop I visited was Next, which had a large variety of products. Colour was a big aspect in how the pieces were displayed, which made the shelves nice to look at and made shopping a lot easier for the customer as they were drawn to the colour of products that appealed to them and all the surrounding products could easily link with what they wanted to buy, maybe leading them to buy multiple items. Although I did feel that the shelves within his shop were quite cramped which made a lot of the items blend together, rather than have the space to stand out. The shelves were also not very well aligned which made the composition of items harder to look at.

Marks & Spencer

The displays in M&S were a lot better organised and the products were a lot easier to view. The shelves themselves also seemed to be of a higher quality which I think would have an effect on how the customer views the products. The pieces were arranged by collection which made it easy to see how the pieces work together and would influence people to but the whole set. The packaging also clearly links with the items so they are easily recognised, they are also clearly visible within the display.

House of Fraser

House of Fraser had the most decorative displays which I think reflects in the higher cost of the products. This style reflects more strongly with my own products. The shelves are not standard and have the look of props to bring the collections to life, it also allowed the collection to be viewed as a whole very easily. Actual dining tables were also placed within the shop that makes it very easy for the buyer to imagine the products in their own home. The shelves have also been organised very well and the products are lined up making them easily viewed.

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