Tuesday, 14 May 2013

D.C Publication Photographs.

Here are the final photographs for my design context publication,  I am really happy with the quality of print that I received. The stock for the inside pages wouldn't have been my first choice but because there was nothing thinner in stock it was that or nothing. Although with this stock it turned out a lot better than I would have thought as it was a lot less bulky than expected. I feel that the mirror aspect has been very successful and adds another level for the audience to interact with. Another aspect that has also looked at interactivity is the acetate page, this was very hard to line up especially when stapling the pages together but I am glad I took the time as the end result is effective and an interesting element with a strong message for the audience. I think the pages as a whole work well together and as you look through the layout and design appears to be consistent. I had considered scaling down the print but I am glad I decided against it as I think this format reflects my research.

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