Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What is Good? G.F. Smith Catalogue.

I was shown this publication set during my final crit as inspiration for my catalogue and I have found it to be really influential. The quality it really high which I think helps to reflect on the brands products. How the all the aspects fit together is great, within the box and also design wise. I think the bright yellow colour is very eye-catching and gives the products a crisp finish. The use of different processes, like the foil finish and style of binding add to the luxury look and give a continuing look across all the items. I think the aspect that stands out to me most is the fold out sample sheet, which is something I am definitely going to look into doing myself. I think it is good because it gives the audience a clear indication of the whole range of products and it is easy to compare them all. Finally the small sample books are also finished to a really high quality, I think it is great how the foiled theme has continued to this as well.

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