Thursday, 10 October 2013

Change in Direction for CoP3 Over Summer.

Initial question:

When comparing the persuasive techniques within propaganda and advertising how are they similar and where do they differ?

After some serious consideration since returning back to college after summer I have decided to change my direction for my CoP3 project. Whilst doing my research previous to this decision I found that I wasn't as enthusiastic and interested in the topic as I thought I would be. I was also struggling to think of the practical element to go alongside the research. After deciding that I no longer wished to carry on with this theme I started making a list of new ideas. I still wanted to focus on advertising as it something I have looked into previously and already have some knowledge and understanding. Here are some initial ideas that I thought of:

  • How do different brands use advertising?
  • How does advertising influence the consumer?
  • Do different styles of advertising attract certain target audiences?
  • Can a brand exist without advertising?
  • Without changing its product, can a brand attract a new target audience through advertising?
  • How can different advertising techniques be used to create a 'personality' for a brand?

Developed question:

How can techniques used within advertising be implemented to attract specific target audiences?

I feel that I am a lot more content with this new question as it fits more with my own interests of retail and is more relevant for what I'm looking into for level 6.

Re-written Project Proposal

Plans for practical aspect:

I have found thinking of ideas for the practical aspect of this project a lot easier now I have changed my question and area of focus. I have now decided what I would like to do is pick an everyday item that is used by every demographic and create a series of advertisements for it that target a selection of audiences. The ads will be tailored to these people using the specific techniques I have learnt during my research. For example each piece will use different persuasive ploys, media and placement of the ad.

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