Thursday, 16 January 2014

Mobile Phone Visual Research.

This advert appeals to the need of emotional security as by stating that the phone works everywhere, people feel comfortable in the fact that they know they'll never be caught with a phone that doesn't work in another country. The style of advertisement is very creative but I don't think this style is relevant for what I am trying to communicate.

This is a clever way of attracting the audiences attention as with the use of the tree the audience automatically knows that is something to do with environmental issues and being green. Also with it being placed in a hand it conveys that this is something the consumer can have a part with themselves, appealing to reassurance of worth and that they are doing something positive for the environment.

I really like this structure of packaging and I think it something I will replicate for my own design. As the product can be viewed easily and there is a lot of space for content.

Celebrity endorsement is also visible within this advertising scheme. As stated previously by using celebrities it leads the audience to believe that by owning this product they will be more like them.

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