Thursday, 16 January 2014

Prestige Design Development.

Initially for this phone packaging I started with the logo. SAMIA is the phones manufacturer and Prestige is the model name. The first two options I made I felt looked too retro and didn't fit with the idea of modern technology that I was trying to convey. This is when I moved to the more rounded type and the dotted underline as I felt it looked a lot more clean this way. Once this was decided I added the name in light version of the same typeface to create hierarchy.

I then started with the grid for the box, creating a generic pattern that is common on this products packaging. Although it could stand for the slope the consumer tries to climb in the pursuit of power. When adding colour I used tones that matched the logo to create a consistent look and brand image. The free cover was also highlighted on the front to attract the audiences attention.

After the main design was decided the more detailed information was applied to the net. This is where the persuasive techniques come mostly into play, highlighting different aspects that relate to the needs to entice the consumer. The lid really links to the need for power stating, 'open to unleash a new part of you' that suggests how buying this item can lead to self improvement and becoming a better, new individual.

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