Thursday, 16 January 2014

Top Dog Design Development.

I started this design by drawing out some doodles that I could incorporate into the design somehow. I took these into Illustrator and drew over them to create a digital image. I then placed them within a composition to create a pattern.

Type was the next to be explored and I looked at a small variety of fonts. I chose one that I felt had a clean and sophisticated look that the audience would take seriously. I then moved onto experiment with how the type could be placed within the composition. Although in the end I felt it would probably look most successful on a block colour.

Next I started thinking of the design more as a label and arranged the elements suitably onto it. I felt that the pattern worked really well as a repeat design and the bold block colour at the bottom really helped in highlighting the title. After this was decided I then started adding additional elements to accentuate the design. The rosette works as a visual cue that would attract the audiences attention and the persuasive type would engage in what they could gain from buying the project.

I then moved on to adding the supporting information, initially I added a grey box but I felt that this looked way to bulky which is why I decided to just block out the pattern with the same colour red and use the colour of the type to create hierarchy on what was most important to read. I am really happy with the end result as I feel it incorporates the need for love objects, roots and reassurance of worth clearly and the design of the packaging highlights this information.

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