Tuesday, 28 February 2012


My Personal Manifesto
  1. I will experiment with letterpress.
  2. I will try and maintain a balanced work and social life.
  3. I will work with people who are positive.
  4. I will do more in depth research.
  5. I will push myself to achieve more.

Published Manifestos
'Do not wish to be your peers, make them wish to be you.'
I really appreciate this specific point from this manifesto, as I believe it is easy to fall into wanting what you create to be like what someone else has done and feeling like you don't measure up. This point puts across to have the power in yourself and that you can better what you do.

'I am a person first, a designer second. I will treat others as I would wish to be treated in the same situation. If I do not enjoy being misrepresented to, or have my intelligence insulted, neither should I do the same in my practice. In it's most primitive form, design should be informed by respect for the audience as fellow human beings.'
Here is my second manifesto that focuses strongly on ethics within a designers personal practice. I have chosen tho specific quote as I believe it is very important to respect others around you. In order to have a good working environment and to have positive relationships.

'We know that good design is not a luxury. It is a necessity.'
I have selected this point because I think it puts across the purpose and importance of what designers do. It is not something that is there just to be admired for it's visual beauty, but to get across information and to the audience in a clear way and that it is necessary for people to understand what is around them.

'Allow accidents to happen. The wrong outcome may be the right way of designing in the future.'
This point was chosen because it is something that I struggle with at the minute and is something that I would like to keep in mind. I strive for what I do to look perfect which leads to being afraid of making mistakes. I would like to break this barrier in order to improve.

'Ideas come from the little things.'
I feel that is a very important short point. Don't take anything for granted, as insignificant as it might seem it could be very valuable at some point.

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