Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Theory Into Practice Creating Publication.

I have now started the process of putting my publication together. I started by creating my initial piece of imagery of the letterpress machine. This took a long time to create but I am really happy with it. I have chosen to stick to a colour scheme of limited colours as I feel it links with the letterpress style. I think the white outline is also very effective.

I have then experimented with possible typefaces, my first choice was block style serif. To break it up sightly I also incorporated a contrasting thin sans serif. I think the look of them both together is aesthetically pleasing and also focuses on the main aspect 'letterpress.'

Next was to add the main block of type. I decided to alter the composition to fit it in more effectively. To frame the type I also added the blue box which also adds the final colour to the design. The white type also looks really crisp and clean on top of it.

The final step was to add the textured paint roll with the blue I think this looks very effective and also relates well to the initial topic.

Next I moved onto the following page spread, I followed the same process as before which made it a lot easier to create. I tried to play around with the composition to avoid repetition. Initially with the type I had placed it in one section but after considering it I made the choice to change it to columns to help with readability, I think the shorter line length will be really beneficial. 

Here is the final spread for this part of the publication.

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