Thursday, 17 May 2012

Theory Into Practice Incorporating Letterpress Samples.

Here are a selection of samples from the letterpress experiments that I did. I used a selection of three stocks that were cartridge paper, tissue paper and newsprint and I was surprised in the variation of results they gave. The cartridge paper gave the ink a rich tone and because of its thicker nature gave a slight indentation in the stock which I liked. The tissue paper gave a slight bleed around the edge of the letterforms but gave a very vibrant attractive colour, the flimsy texture was also interesting. Finally was the newsprint which gave an overall duller look.

I then picked my chosen sample, which was the cartridge paper and selected the letters on Photoshop and transferred them to my Illustrator file to overlay across my digital type. The process was a lot easier than I thought and I am really happy with results now as I feel my publication looks a lot more authentic so I am pleased that I decided to go to the effort to create my samples.

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