Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Web Design Research.

I like the simplistic appearance of this design and how this allows the image to be a huge focal point without any unnecessary distractions. Also because of the white the photograph seems even more bright and effective.

I like how this sites navigation has been split up into numbered sections, making it easier for the user. Also, before I would have thought that having an image as a background would be distractive and not very aesthetically pleasing. Although with this example it blends in very well with the overall feel, having the opacity on the cream is also good as how the images shoes through is very interesting.

She Was Only
This layout has the navigation in the top right corner, which is something I have never really come across before, I like this because it is different. The charcoal grey is also very attractive as it looks less harsh than black would have done and also compliments the photographic imagery really well.

Brice Martinez
These large scale images have a lot of impact and are very successful in getting the viewer to notice and acknowledge the products. How the type overlays them also gives a great effect.

Raewyn Brandon
This is another simplistic approach that allows the imagery to have the majority of attention. This is a good technique I could consider for the future.
This design works as a scrolling format, this may not be the best layout but how this particular one has been designed still works. The use of the heptagonal shape throughout also helps the consistency.
I really like the use of colour on this website, the rich tones work nicely together and with the white to create contrast. On the actual page the screen has transitions of pieces of work which will grab the users attention. Also on the navigation when something is highlighted it will change colour, a nice touch.
I love the pastel shades of this design, this linked with the imagery gives a very feminine feel. One of my favourite aspects of this website are the illustrations, I like the digital yet naive quality they have. Using these helps the site to be consistent as you navigate through.
This design has a clinical feel, the images and other design aspects marry perfectly together which I think really pushes the brand identity.
The colours in this design are very strongly linked throughout from the logo, images and type. I feel it is very successful.

This website hasn't really got much going for it, from the logo choice of colour, highlighted text, layout and inconsistent type.
The background here is horrendous. Another bad point is the size of the frame that the pages are displayed. As you can see on the second image not all the information can be seen and you'd have to scroll, even though there is plenty of space underneath.
This one has almost every colour imaginable and none of them compliment each other. Another aspect visible is the awful transition.

Not only is this website generally strange it is also hideous. It has music and animated sparkling imagery.

Again I can't see much going right here. The tiled background is awful and so is the patterned drop shadow on the title. The title typeface also doesn't work as well as the fact it has been distorted.
Very bad layout design and colour choices. I don't like how the links have been overlaid onto images. There is also a really annoying man that floats on the screen and talks to you.

Horrible tones of blue that really don't compliment each other. The type is also hard to read as it stretches across the entire screen.
This is a website that criticises other websites, even though it itself is horrible. Very bad colour, type and layout choices.

So many jarring colours and contrasting backgrounds Animated entrance and extremely weird noises when you first go on the site.
So much animation and horrible music.

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