Friday, 14 October 2011

Alphabet Soup Typeface Font Research.

Today I have been looking at fonts that I could base my typeface on, it has been quite challenging because I need something so specific. My main criteria was that I wanted a circular 'O' and for all the other letters to follow this curved look. It also had to be sans serif as i wanted a simple look that wouldn't overpower the background pattern. Finally, it had to fit well onto the grid as best as possible. This is what I found...

Century Gothic



These were the first three fonts that I looked at. I feel they fit my requirements really well, apart from some of the letters could be slightly wider. Finally I found the typeface shown below, I am really surprised as it basically exactly the same to what I have been drawing free hand to fit into my grid. I think by using this I will be able to give the needed finishing touches to my designs... 

Taller Evolution

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