Monday, 3 October 2011

Five Examples.

Here are five examples of Graphic Design that I love...

Eduardo Recife



This is some work by my all time favourite designer Eduardo Recife, I love every aspect of his style and his pieces are a big inspiration to me. His images are like a feast for the eyes from the colour, pattern, imagery and composition. I love how he incorporates all of these aspects together to create such a successful end result. Whenever I look at a piece of his work I see something new and interesting because there are so many different levels and detail. I also love the surreal aspect of his style which usually means you have to do a double take to ensure you're seeing it right.

Tabitha Patterson

A new artist that I have recently discovered is Tabitha Patterson, again I like her use of type, texture and image. Her vintage style really appeals to me and her motion image work is also very interesting. I also like how she has adapted her style to work with commercial briefs as well as just artistic images.

Alan Kitching


Alan Kitching's work was the first I saw which really inspired me to look into Letterpress, it is something I have yet to experience but I am really looking forward to trying in the future. I really like how Kitching uses type to create imagery in a unique and clever way

Vladimir Dubko

Vladimir Dubko is another designer who I really like, I find his level of detail really inspirational. I love how he creates an idea of sparkle to his images and how he does this is really interesting to me. He has a feminine look to his work with the imagery and colours he uses which really appeals to me.


I have only very recently discovered this design company and this particular publication really caught my attention. I love how all the pages have a very different feel and present the information in a very innovative way.

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