Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Proverbally Yours Message and Delivery Gun and Knife Crime Research.

After thinking hard about the aspect I could go down for this brief I have had a new idea. After listening to rap music I have noticed the strong link with it and the gun and knife culture, I now think I would like to make a piece warning young people about the dangers of this trend. Here are some facts and figures relating to this topic...

  • During 2007, nine young people lost their lives in shootings, including the killing of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool.
  • According to Home Office figures, there were 59 firearms-related homicides in 2006-07 compared with 49 in the previous year. That is an increase of 18% in just one year. There were 507 serious injuries from firearms - more than one incident a day.
  • In the 12 months to July 2007 the Met saw a 3.5% rise in firearms offences in London - up from 3,485 to 3,607 incidents.
  • The most common weapon used in violent crime in England and Wales is a knife.
  • There are four times more knife-related killings as firearms-related killings.
  • between 22,000 and 57,900 young people could have been victims of knife crime in 2004. However, it says without better official data it is impossible to know for sure - and that we need that data to improve the public debate.

Here are some current examples of anti gun and knife crime posters...

It was interesting looking through all the different approaches to this topic. I have noticed that a lot of them include imagery of either knives or guns and some even include graphic images of what carrying a weapon could lead too. A lot of the text is in the second person, as if it is speaking personally to the audience. Bold colours are often used with it mostly being red and black. Another similarity between them is the including of websites, I think this is what I will do to link it to a real life item.

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