Friday, 2 December 2011

How To... Growing Chillies.

From our research into growing chillies, the group thought it was necessary to know how long it would take to grow chillies as it would be important in what we would include in our pack. I took the initiative to email some experts on the topic. A specialist chilli website and a seed company...

From this it became clear that it takes longer to grow chillies than we first thought, because we would like our audience to be able to use our product immediately we may have to include grown chillies in the pack as well as some seeds so they wouldn't have to wait a number of months.

Here is some further information on growing chillies...

Types of chillies...

 Jalapeno – A thick-walled pepper of medium heat often used as a pizza topping. Great pickled.

Cayenne Pepper – Long, thin and red. Medium heat. Best eaten either fresh or dried and crushed into flakes.

Habanero/Scotch Bonnet Pepper – These are intensely hot but also flavorsome Peppers used a lot in Caribbean cuisine. Best eaten fresh or made into hot sauces.

Naga/Bhut Jolokia – Thin and slightly shrivelled these are amongst the hottest chillies in the world. User very sparingly in cooking!

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