Thursday, 12 January 2012

Inforgraph Research.

Here are some info graphics from student website, Student Beans. I feel the use of colour and type is really good and creates a clean look where it is easy to read the information. The imagery used is very simple and is often repeated across the composition.

The use of type in this piece is good. I like how it relates so strongly to the topic. The use of contrasting colour is interesting as well.

This deign is quite simple and I feel the layout could be improved to make it appear more exciting. Although the colour scheme works well together and the information is displayed clearly.

I like the use of humour in this piece as I think it relates strongly to the student target audience as does the style of imagery. This is a look I could try to re-create in my own work.

This design has been very clearly separated which is good for distinguishing the information, but I don't think it had been executed very well concerning the design. The use of type is uninspiring and the colours of the sections don't work well together to give an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

I really like the colours used here and I feel the sections are more successful than the previous design. The illustration style is also very quirky which I think will help it stand out.

This design has a very corporate and professional feel which I think works well and looks good but maybe isn't as relevant for the theme that I am going for.

I like the use of handwritten type in this piece and the lined paper samples really give off a student vibe that I like. Even though, I think the composition maybe looks a bit too busy and a bit more white space could improve it.

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