Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lecture Thirteen - Visual Communication.

  • Visual communication is the layers of communication and context that shapes out understanding. It applies the properties of linguistics to images.
  • Semioticians are people who study signs and unravel the meaning.
  • Denotation is the level of meaning that describes something.
  • Connotation is with a deeper understanding and further knowledge.
  • Ideology is how values and beliefs underpin the way people in a society.
  • Roland Barthes, 'How does meaning get into the image? Where does it end? And if it ends, what is there beyond?'
  • Rudolf Wittkower, interested in the way that in different times and places we use the same symbols. He believed art communicated experience, one culture picked up and transformed the images of another.
  • Pierre Bourdieu, interested in peoples upbringing Due conclusion in culture by levels of communication and how people understand images.
Image Deconstruction
  • The Only way is Essex.
    • Denotation - group of young people sat on a guilder chair enjoying themselves.
    • Connotation - different meaning for the people who know it.
  • Obama image.
    • Denotation - man stood incidentally stood in front of a building.
    • Connotation - power, confidence. Democracy (building), symbolic ancient greek architecture, roman dome feature referencing power.
  • Reichstag.
    • Nazi building, dome = power
    • 1880's 90's it was decided to change the connotations and symbolism surrounding the building.
    • Reichstag was wrapped in silk to give a new meaning. Signified a break in the past and a new future for Germany.
  • Dragons.
    • Welsh flag - cultural.
    • World of Warcraft - hell, red, fire.
    • Church window - Saint, stained glass, angles, christianity symbol.

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