Monday, 5 March 2012

What Is A Line? Artist Research.

I am really attracted to these pieces, I think the overlaying of pattern on the photographs is really effective. The experimentation with colour and monotone is also very interesting. I like how the stripes have been incorporated via the animal print and digitally.

I have chosen these pieces as while going through my research is was said that animals use their stripes as camouflage and even though they appear very obvious to the human eye, to they animal prey or predator it appears as an optical illusion which confuses them a lot.

 Andreas Preis
Line is a very strong aspect of the aesthetics of these pieces. It is not as obvious when you look at the whole piece but after focusing in you realise that it is actually an integral part of the design.

I have selected these photographic images because of their focus on camouflage. I really like the effect the overlaying of these patterns gives on the faces. The amount of texture that it visible in some is really interesting and I like how the visible lines add shape to the faces.

This piece was chosen as an example of how my idea could be interpreted in an info graphic format. I like the clear layout and I think the choice of type works well with it.

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